PK’s Daily Specials

ALL SPECIALS DINE-IN ONLY!!!  Beverage purchase required.

$10 Whole Sicilian Pizza (toppings regular price) ALL DAY!!

$11.99 Footlong Subs 5-10pm!!
PK’s Grinder, Philly Chicken, Philly Steak & Meatball Subs

Wing Bite Night!! 5-10 pm.
HALF OFF all orders of PK’s Boneless Wing Bites in your favorite flavor!!
(Includes Ranch/Blue Cheese/Celery)

Tijuana Toss!!! 5-10pm
Flip for your Pizza!! You win the coin toss,
you get your 16″ XL 1-topping pizza FREE!

HALF OFF all orders of Nachos Grande!! 12-9pm
PK’s Pounder $15.99 12-9pm
16″ XL 2-topping pizza + 1 lb. PK’s Boneless Wing Bites

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